Welcome to Bangkok!                                                          

Bangkok is one of Asia′s most cosmopolitan cities. Along the surface Bangkok is today a modern Asian mega city with towering steel and glass skyscrapers and justified reputation for traffic and smog, but scratch through the veneer and a gentles, peaceful and very oriental face is exposed. Discover the delights of Bangkok’s amazing temples and palaces, delicious cuisine, hidden museums, sublime spas and incomparable markets and hear one of the world’s finest destinations.

Who is Asia Touch Express?                

Asia Touch Express  is a leading travel company specializing in travel to the varied areas of Thailand. Within these countries, Asia Touch Express everything froth original sightseeing tours, multi day tailor made tours for individual travelers is memorable incentive trips for groups of friends In Thailand we have fully started offices in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket.

Our Tour

Our sightseeing tours and excursions are specially designed to get you under the surface of our fascinating city. Identifying the main tourist areas in Bangkok and others area is easy to act on your own, but if you genuinely want to experience, and so we suggest you let us guide you to the particular places we experience so well.