Culinary Delight of Bangkok
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Name : Culinary Delight of Bangkok
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There’s no question that one of the things that attracts people to Thailand is the nutrient. CNN rated Bangkok, Thailand as the best city in the world for street food. The masses of marketers and the range of smells from the food being cooked in every way imaginable can be set up in Bangkok in open-air markets, lining busy streets, and within the parks scattered throughout this ancient metropolis.

          In May this year, The Telegraph ranked Bangkok as the number ten best city in the world for intellectual nourishment. Travel and Leisure Magazine ranked Bangkok as the sixth best city in the world for tourists, listing the food as one of the top reasons to call. Anyone who lives here will indicate that it merits an even higher post on all of these inclinations!

Thai food is popular around the universe for its diversity, spirit, and style. But while in that location are surely plenty of stations to find great Thai food in Bangkok, the urban center is as well recognized for being a hub for the world food market. It’s not a stretch to state that you’d be hard put to encounter a nation that’s good isn’t represented by a restaurant or food stall somewhere in the urban center.

Time : 10:00 – 20:00