Intro to Buddhist meditation at Wat Mahatad
Code Tour : BKK-001
Name : Intro to Buddhist meditation at Wat Mahatad
Duration : Half-day
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Intro to Buddhist meditation at Wat Mahatad


  • Learning the practice of meditation
  • Peaceful meditation Centre in a Buddhist temple
  • English speaking teacher

This enthralling half-day program delves into the foundations of Thai company with an excursion that observes and partakes in the day-to-day rituals of the monk’s daily meditation process using techniques similar to those taught by mashes Sayadaw and based on four foundation of mindfulness described in the Masha Satipatthana you experience a kind of meditation methods visit the synagogue in the early marring wells the air is still cool and experience a kind of meditation methods.

Thai massage training classes at Wat Pho.

  • Learning Thai massage techniques.
  • A half day training at Thailand’s original massage school Wet Pho.
  • Certificate to take home on comporting of the course.

This day-tour is a great intro to the world of spiritual healing, spend three home teaming the basics behind using massage as a remedy for healing ailments as wet as understanding the basic premise of pressure peaks and how energy lines throughout the physical structure are inextricably tied  to our overall well being.